A Quality Brand By Sky Creation

Products Overview

 Designed to be water resistant, and scratch resistant, Himmel Küche offers products that are enduring inside out. Crafted out of European-styled melamine panel, each piece of carpentry is fabricated by machine to meet precision for a smooth finishing on the outside. On the inside, special hinges and mechanisms contribute to the composition of a sturdy cabinetry that can weather wear and tear. What is more worthy of mention is the incorporation of automated modular systems such that each door can be configured to open and close with the press of a remote button.

Since each hinge and door is manufactured in Sky Creation’s very own factory, the quality of Himmel Küche’s kitchen solutions is ensued from beginning to end, as a series of stress and quality assessments are carried out to see that customers are always assured value products. Laboratory tests are also conducted on the materials used in Himmel Küche’s products to ensure that they meet non-toxic and low formaldehyde standards such as E0 European formaldehyde standards. Because Himmel Küche’s products are also made to be eco-friendly, this household label has helped raised Sky Creation’s profile as it became the first interior design firm in Singapore to be branded the Green Label Singapore Award.